Can You Skip It? What Can You Put In When You Hire A Skip Bin?

Have a big renovation project or garden clean-up on the cards and find yourself wondering what you can put in a skip bin?

Skip bins are the answer to your waste removal woes thanks to the sheer amount of rubbish they can hold. The other advantage is the types of material you can throw into a skip bin and have cleared away, saving you time and hassle. Keen to hire a skip bin? Here’s what you need to know.

Construction site rubbish

Whether you’re renovating your home or starting from scratch on a new build, it is essential the construction site is kept tidy and hazard-free. Skip bins give you, or your builders, quick and easy access to moving unwanted materials off-site.

When it comes to construction site rubbish, wheelie bins aren’t going to cut it. Construction material needs to be disposed of in something that can withstand heavy, sharp and bulky materials. Skip bins are the perfect solution for removing metal, steel, tiles, bricks, aluminium, gypsum board, cement, piping, tiles, glass, insulation and more from your site.

Garden clean-ups

It doesn’t take long for grass clippings and tree stumps to fill your wheelie bin. If you’re planning a sizeable backyard blitz, it pays to hire a skip bin to take care of your green waste. Mini skips are the perfect size for garden clean-ups, landscaping or backyard makeovers.

All of your regular green waste is permitted in skip bins, including grass clippings, tree branches and stumps. You can even throw in cut-offs from paving stones and retaining edges to make way for a brand new garden.

Furniture and household waste

Old furniture can be a real pain to remove. Save yourself the time and effort of hiring a ute and trekking out to the dump. Hire a skip bin instead and have it taken care of for you.

What can you put in a skip bin when it comes to furniture? Lounges, tables and chairs, beds, or home office furniture can all be discarded in a skip bin. You can also use skip bins to dispose of old or unused toys, books, boxes and any other general waste items.

Disposing of unwanted electrical goods

Do your bit to help the environment and ensure you dispose of your electronic equipment carefully and responsibly. Skip bins are ideal for removing old or broken televisions, computers and laptops, stereos and any other unwanted electrical goods. These items should not be placed in a wheelie bin. A skip bin is an easy and affordable way to safely remove unwanted electrical goods.

What can’t you put in a skip bin?

You now know what you can put in a skip bin, but what about what you can’t put in a skip bin? When you’re disposing of rubbish in your skip bin, spare a thought for the staff responsible for removing the bin and its rubbish.

It pays to use your common sense when deciding what you can and can’t put in a skip bin. This means chemicals, flammable material, asbestos, paint, batteries and foodstuff are a big no no.

Quick guide to skip bin waste

What can you put in a skip bin?

  • Construction resources – metal, steel, tiles, bricks, aluminium and gypsum board.
  • Green waste – grass clippings, tree branches, stumps and clippings.
  • Old furniture – lounges, tables, chairs, beds or home office furniture.
  • General household waste – toys, books, boxes and any other general waste items.
  • Electronic equipment – televisions, computers and laptops, stereos, plus any additional unwanted electrical goods.

What can’t you put in a skip bin?

  • Chemicals
  • Flammable material
  • Asbestos
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Food stuff.

Skip bin sizes

Want to know just how much rubbish you can fit into your skip or mini skip bin? Cutters Skips have skip bins for hire in all sizes to suit any type of job, big or small.

2m skip

The smallest of skip bins for hire, the 2m mini skip bin, holds the equivalent of eight wheelie bins of rubbish.

Perfect for decluttering, home renovations or garden clean ups, Mini skip bins start at $160, all inclusive, for 7 days.

3m skip

Think you need a little extra space? You will get an additional four wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish if you hire a 3m skip. An extra four wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish will bring you to 12 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish in total.

Prices for 3m skips start at $200, all inclusive, for 7 days.

4m skip

Imagine how much rubbish you can clear out in a skip bin that can take up to 16 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish.

Prices for 4m skip bins start at $240, all inclusive, for 7 days.

6m skip

For waste removal of serious proportions, the 6m skip bin is your best bet, holding an enormous 24 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish. These bins are ideal for construction sites.

Prices for 6m skip bins start at $340, all inclusive, for 7 days.

Mini skip bins

The mini skip bin range is your best bet for smaller cleanup jobs. If you’re doing a general clean up in the home or yard, the mini skip bin is a safe option. The 2m and 4m skip bins belong to the mini skip bin range.

Rubbish skips

The 4m and 6m skip bins form part of the rubbish skips range. These bigger bins are a top choice for construction and green waste, old furniture, electronic equipment and general household waste.

How to pack your skip bin

While it’s tempting to throw your waste into your skip bin any old how, it’s important to pack your bin tightly to avoid waste of space and fines from overloading. Make the most of the space in your skip bin and remove your rubbish with care.

Need help deciding whether or not a skip bin is the right waste removal option for your job? Cutters Skips are the experts when you want to hire a skip bin. We guarantee there is a bin to suit every waste removal job!

What can you put in a skip bin? Contact Cutters Skips today for advice when you want to hire a skip bin.



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