Hiring a Skip Bin: What to Look For

  • 22nd December 2015
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Whether it is a major commercial project, a private home renovation or even just a domestic clean up, skips are an extremely useful tool in waste management. Hiring a skip bin, however, might not always be as straightforward as it seems. There are many factors to take into consideration when hiring a skip bin for your purposes and this guide serves to outline some of the more pertinent of these, so as to provide you with the ability to make an informed decision on what skip solution is best for you. Listed below are two golden rules to keep in mind while hiring a skip bin.

Hiring A Skip Bin Rule #1: Convenience

When choosing a skip, it is important to be aware of what the skip hire company is capable of offering you. Listed below are some features that can distinguish a quality skip company from its low quality counterparts.

1. Delivery: Delivery should be at the forefront of your priorities when hiring a skip bin. Skips are very large, cumbersome items and it is entirely impractical to transport one without the appropriate equipment. A good skip hire company will not only deliver to a wide area, but also have a variety of trucks with which to do so. Smaller skips simply do not necessitate an excessively large truck and some less reputable companies might burden you with the additional cost of running an unnecessarily large vehicle. Further to this, a range of delivery trucks allows the skip hire company to access less spacious areas. Having smaller trucks means access to tighter, more narrow streets and this can be very important when delivering to a suburban area or a tricky job site.

2. Pick up: The pick up of your skip bin is just as important as its delivery. As such, it would be prudent to hire your skip from a company capable of not just delivering your bin promptly, but also removing it in the same manner. It is a considerable encumbrance to have a skip filled with rubbish on your property for an excessive period of time and this is particularly so in residential and suburban areas. When this does occur, the lawn upon which the skip is positioned will die, leaving unsightly patches of dirt. Additionally, on both commercial and residential sites, unattended skips often become subject to illegal dumping and this can incur a monetary cost upon the skip’s hirer for the disposal of such waste.

3. Operation: Whilst it is ideal to schedule a skip in advance, this might not always be an option. As such, it is advisable that you seek a skip hire company that has the capacity to cater to unexpected or last minute requests. This offers you more convenience, as a customer and it is can also be indicative of a service-oriented business as opposed to a more self-serving one. The most reputable of these providers will be able to maintain a dynamic roster of skips so as to ensure their upmost availability at all times. This includes weekend services and when booking a skip on a weekend, you ought to enquire as to whether or not they impose an additional fee. The better of Brisbane’s skip hire companies offer you service across the entirety of the week, without any hidden fees or costs on the weekend – another distinguishing feature of a quality skip provider.

Hiring A Skip Bin Rule #2: Waste Disposal

Being environmentally conscious is an important aspect of waste disposal and most often the reason for hiring a skip bin in the first place. Skip hire companies ought to operate in accordance with this and dispose of the waste that is deposited in their skips, through the appropriate environmentally friendly avenues. Unfortunately, there have been instances in which companies look to save money on the costs of waste disposal by dumping the waste in an environmentally harmful or even illegal manner. Heavy industry regulation ensures that these incidents are isolated, however it is recommended that you enquire as to the waste disposal process used by a prospective skip hire company, prior to contracting them. The best amongst Brisbane’s skip companies expressly affirm their commitment to environmental responsibility and it is these providers that are ideal.

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