5 Compelling Reasons To Declutter Your Home Right Now

Do you have a clutter problem? If you feel fatigued or a vague sense of unease when you enter your home or feel overwhelmed by all the ‘stuff’, it’s a strong sign that clutter has triumphed.  First, let’s talk about what clutter is. Put simply, clutter is an excess of possessions that collectively create a […]

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Dispose of your hazardous waste

How To Dispose Of Your Hazardous Waste – Tips From The Experts

According to the Australian Government, over 5.6 million tonnes of hazardous waste is produced in Australia each year, which is over 9% of the total waste generated in the country. And although there have been major changes in the way Australians manage their waste over the last two decades, the amount of waste has increased […]

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How to properly dispose of electronic waste

How To Properly Dispose of Electronic Waste | Expert Tips

Electronic or e-waste basically refers to any electronic products that are no longer working or wanted, and they include TVs, computers, mobile phones, monitors, printers, CD players and VCRs. According to the Environment, Protection and Heritage Council (EPHC), Australians discarded over 16 million electronic devices over the 2007/8 period and over 88 per cent of […]

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5 tips for effective waste management

5 Tips For Effective Waste Management

Here are some frightening statistics. Australians use over 10 million plastic bags a day, and 85% of soft plastics from bags and packaging ends up in landfill. Australia is also ranked fifth highest in terms of generating the most city-based waste in the world, and our waste is growing at double the rate of our […]

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FIll Your Skip Bin The Right Way

6 Tips To Fill Your Skip Bin The Right Way

You’ve got a massive clean-up project to tackle and now it’s time to hire a skip bin in order to get the whole process started. But what sized skip bin do you need? Are there any weight restrictions? And how can you ensure you fill it as efficiently as possible? Here is a guide on […]

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Useful recycling tips and ideas

5 Useful Recycling Tips and Ideas

Did you know that every year the average Australian family produces nearly two and a half kilos of waste per day? That’s enough to fill a three-bedroom house! We send more and more rubbish to landfill every year, and unfortunately, it’s not just a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. A lot of […]

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