Garden Rubbish Removal & Preparing For Winter: How Skip Bins Can Help

  • 20th July 2016
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Maintaining a clean garden is important for a number of reasons; a clean garden will not only look great and provide you with ample space for activities, it will also reduce the habitat of potentially harmful or unhygienic pests such as termites, vermin and possums. Unfortunately, however, a comprehensive garden clean up is a difficult and time consuming endeavour, which is often made more difficult by the absence of disposal options for green waste in particular. Many homeowners resort to hiring a trailer and transporting their garden waste to a transfer station. Whilst this can work, it is an expensive, difficult and incredibly inconvenient undertaking. Fortunately, there is a clear and very convenient alternative for garden rubbish removal: hiring a skip bin. Skip bins can come in a range of sizes and you can choose on to suit the size of your clean up. A large skip bin will facilitate as much green waste, or any other waste, as necessary and a good skip bin company will offer pick up and drop off services. These services eliminate the difficulty associated with loading and unloading a trailer, as well as the inconvenience and expense of driving the trailer all the way to one of the few waste transfer stations in the Brisbane region.

The importance of cleaning up your garden before winter

Many homeowners across Brisbane and the South East Queensland region do an extensive garden clean up in the lead up to winter and there is a very good reason for this. Firstly, a garden clean up is a large job, which demands a lot of time and often, considerable physical exertion. Because of this, it is not practical to undertake a large-scale clean up in the heat of summer, nor is it prudent to do so in the colder months of winter; often, the temperature is most comfortable during the autumn period of the year. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, garden debris attracts many pest animals during winter. The cold temperatures mean that the conventional habitats of pests – such as mice, rats, possums and ants – are too exposed and do not offer them sufficient warmth. Because of this, they often seek denser protection from the cold temperatures and garden rubbish or piles of debris often offer such protection. This has a range of negative implications on the hygiene and liveability of your home or garden and can often necessitate expensive pest control measures.

The advantages of hiring a skip bin

Because garden clean ups are often such large jobs, it is important to take whatever precautions are available to lessen its burden on you. A skip bin can drastically reduce the time and energy that is usually necessary to effectively clean a garden and will often turn a two or three day job, into a single days work – or even less.

1. More storage space for garden waste

Perhaps the most notable challenge faced by homeowners in the constant battle against garden waste, is storage space. Green waste bins simply do not have enough space to handle the waste that is usually produced by a standard garden. Whilst they are useful in the daily management of garden refuse, they can be of little to no help when it comes time to address an entire garden’s worth of unwanted debris. This is why skip bins are so useful in garden clean ups; skip bins can be hired in various sizes and are far larger than standard bins, or even trailers, which means that they will easily fit all of your garden rubbish. One approach is to spend half a day assessing, collecting and piling up your garden waste, so as to gain a precise idea of exactly how much there is. This will allow you to hire a bin that is the perfect size to accommodate your rubbish and ensure that you are not spending extra on a skip that is too large, or wasting your time with a skip that is too small.

2. Bringing waste disposal services to you – not the other way around

Another benefit of hiring a skip bin for your pre-winter garden clean up is the unrivalled convenience that they offer. Instead of enduring the hassle of hiring a trailer or taking repeated trips to the dump, you can have a perfect waste disposal solution dropped to your doorstep. Good quality skip hire companies will offer comprehensive delivery services and this means that in many circumstances, you can request that your skip is positioned in the most convenient part of your garden – all you need to do is load it full of your green waste. This will save you a great deal of time; you can request that the skip be placed directly next to your pile of rubbish, or discreetly in the corner of your yard, which means that the distance you need to carry your rubbish will be minimal. Once you have filled your skip and cleared your garden to a sufficient extent, you can have your skip bin collected and emptied by the company from which you hired it. This means you can have your garden cleaned to an immaculate standard without even leaving your property.

3. Depositing your waste in a safe and easy manner

The pick up and delivery options offered by all good skip hire companies not only ensure the upmost in convenience, they also ensure that your pre-winter garden clean up will not pose any unnecessary risk to your safety. Carrying heavy green waste for extended distances can threaten your safety, which is why having a skip bin directly adjacent to the clean up area is important. Furthermore, hiring a trailer can be fraught with risks in itself; trailers are notoriously challenging to reverse into tight spaces and ferrying rubbish from your garden to your driveway is not ideal. Additionally, not all cars are capable of towing a heavy trailer full of green waste and for some it might not even be an option. These reasons, and all those outlined above, are exactly why skip bins are one of the most useful, convenient and economical tools in your annual pre-winter garden clean up.

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