How Hiring A Skip Bin Can Help You To Declutter Your Home Responsibly

  • 4th September 2017
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Clutter is a common symptom of leading a busy lifestyle. How often do you find yourself waking in the morning and rushing to leave for work, then coming home with only enough energy left to make yourself something to eat? With each day seeing you frantically trying to tick off all of the items on your to-do list, it’s almost inevitable that your home will start to suffer from a clutter infestation.

It starts off small, maybe just a couple of receipts, a pile of old mailers, and a few crumpled food wrappers. Then, before you know it, you can barely make out the face of the person sitting across from you at the dining room table because there’s a mountain of miscellaneous junk in the way.

The cycle continues because you’re too busy to get on top of things, and any attempt to try and clean brings your brain to a mental standstill; where do I start? How do I decide what to throw away? And, perhaps the most daunting question of all… what do I do with all of the stuff that I want to get rid of?

Let’s face it; dropping off your torn and stained clothes at the local Salvation Army doesn’t count as charitable. You should absolutely donate any of your garments that are still in good condition, but damaged or excessively worn clothing doesn’t belong in your local charity bin. And while it might be tempting to wait until after dark to stealthily place excess rubbish in your neighbour’s bins, that doesn’t really count as responsible disposal of waste, does it?

Well, thankfully, clearing clutter from your home affordably, efficiently, and responsibly, is easier than you may think! Instead of clogging up your hallway with a pile of junk intended for the council’s next inorganic waste collection, or driving around with a boot full of things that you keep meaning to drop off at the nearest rubbish dump, you should seriously consider hiring a skip bin for your next spring cleaning session!

What Do I Need To Consider Before Hiring A Skip Bin?

Hiring a skip bin is a relatively straightforward transaction, but in order to get the most out of the hire, you need to make sure that you’re organized ahead of time. If you hire the skip before you have sorted through all of your clutter, then it might end up costing you unnecessary amounts of time and money.

Skip bins are commonly hired by construction workers so that they can keep their worksite relatively clean and hazard free as they work, and while that approach could potentially work for decluttering your home, it’s probably best if you have already decided what to keep and what to toss when the skip arrives. If you’re confident that your working bee is only going to take one day, then you can easily just chuck all the rubbish directly into the skip as you work – and have it collected the next day. If, however, the process is going to entail a fair amount of umming and aahing about what is trash and what is treasure, then the skip might just be sitting outside and costing you money. You may also find that you misjudged the amount of household waste that you had, and actually, require a larger skip bin than what you requested. This unwanted revelation could also result in unwanted costs.

Furthermore, there are certain rules to what can go inside a skip bin – so having established rubbish piles beforehand might help you to avoid hiccups or penalties further down the line.

What Items Are Permitted In A Skip?

For the majority of us, household clutter usually consists of ancient paperwork and documents, broken trinkets, and a bunch of cables belonging to appliances that we don’t even remember owning; all of which are completely fine to throw in a skip. While it’s worth asking your skip bin provider for a comprehensive summary of permitted and non-permitted items, the following are usually prohibited:

–       Household chemicals. Even everyday, household chemicals such as bleach, insecticides, or pool cleaners can be harmful or dangerous, so it’s important you dispose of them responsibly.

–       Paint

–       Dead animals. While dead animals aren’t an example of typical household clutter, they can turn up in your home from time to time. Whether they’ve snuck into your home uninvited, or been personally delivered to you by your cat as a gesture of their love – dead animals should not go in a skip bin!

–       Batteries

–       Asbestos. Asbestos can have particularly harmful effects on humans.  If you are unsure whether your home contains asbestos, you can complete an asbestos survey.

How Does It Work?

Hiring a skip bin is easy! You simply need to locate the best provider in your area and decide on what size skip will best accommodate your needs. If you’re just disposing of some unwanted clutter, you may want to consider a mini skip. Or – if you’ve decided that everything must go – then a 6-meter skip will easily fit your unwanted furniture, along with all the other things in your home that just sit there gathering dust.

When you’ve decided on size, simply contact your chosen skip provider to arrange delivery. The bin is usually yours for up to 7 days, but you can agree on a time period that best suits your needs (whether it’s shorter or longer). Once your spring-cleaning session is complete, the skip bin will be collected, and all of your excess clutter will be disposed of.

So, if you’re feeling weighed down by the masses of mess in your home, but don’t have time to spare for back and forth trips to the tip – don’t resort to an overflowing wheelie bin – just hire a skip bin, and a dedicated team of professionals will do all of the dirty work for you!

If you’re Brisbane based, only available on weekends, and committed to being socially and environmentally responsible, then Cutters Skip Hire are a great option for you. Contact them today to see how they can help you to make your home clutter free!



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