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  • 29th September 2016
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When people think of skip bins, they think of something huge, a big box designed specifically to allow you to cart away an excessive amount of rubbish. We’re here to tell you now that they’d be wrong! We’ve found a whole host of astonishing and creative ways to use and re-purpose them. You’ll be surprised at just how versatile skip bins really are.

If you think outside the box, a skip bin becomes more than just a receptacle for rubbish—it opens up a whole new world of skip bin-related wonder. From gardens to swimming pools to tiny homes and more, we’ve put our thinking caps on to come up with a few zany ideas and a few practical applications for skip bins that don’t involve waste. Check them out!

Man Peeping out of a Skip Bin


Creative or over-the-top?

These alternative uses for skip bins are certainly creative, but are they over-the-top? Some of them are even practical if you think about it. Are any of them something you’d consider doing yourself? You be the judge!

1. Tiny house nation

Depending on the size of the skip bin and how well you can clean and modify the existing shell, a skip bin could make a great tiny house. For decades now, people have been re-purposing shipping containers into sheds, caravans, small homes, and even shopping malls, so the potential for skip bins to do something similar is enormous. You could utilise multiple skip bins to create more space, cut out windows or a door, or use other materials to add to the existing skip bin body. You could even convert one into a caravan for tiny living on-the-go!

TIny house made from a skip bin


2. Garden

If you’d like to grow vegetables, flowers or herbs, a skip bin can make a fantastic garden bed. If you fill it with soil, fertiliser, and even a filtration system, you can grow just about anything you like in there. They can even be used to grow certain trees that don’t need a huge amount of space for their roots.

Garden made using a skip bin



Garden made using a skip bin


Since skip bins are moveable and come in several different sizes; you could tailor-make your garden to suit your purpose. With a little paint and artistic flair, they could even become murals or works of art in your garden. Talk about making a statement!

3. Swimming pool

Swimming pools can be incredibly expensive to design, build and install, and so if you’re just after a lovely place for a dip, a skip bin can be a brilliant alternative. The kids will stop nagging you to take them to the local pool and you’ll have a nice new place to relax. Sounds like a win-win, right? You could keep it as an aboveground and add steps to make it easy to get in and out. You could have it installed in the ground and build around it. The sky is the limit really, and with the money you’ll save from buying a traditional pool, you can do just about anything.

Swimming pool made using a skip bin


4. Skating obstacle

Some skip bins come with two opposite sloping sides, making them perfect to use as skating obstacles. It seems so obvious! Planks can be placed on either side of the skip and skaters can enjoy the challenge it presents. Extra precautions should be taken to ensure that everyone remains safe, of course, but there are hours of fun to be had.

You could even use a skip bin as a ramp, as in the image below.

Skating Ramp using a skip bin


5. Storage

Skips come in many shapes and sizes, making them great for storage. Households have so much stuff that needs a place to be stored safely, so skip bins can definitely come in handy in this way. You can even turn them into a reservoir and store water or other liquids in them.

6. Ping-pong table

I know it sounds a little bit mental, but skip bins actually make great homemade ping-pong tables. They’re sturdy, so you can be as rough as you like with them, and the table will last ages. You’ll have years of fun out of something you probably wouldn’t have even looked twice at before.

Ping Pong table made using a skip bin


7. Trailers

Skip bins are surprisingly diverse and make great trailers for transporting whatever you need. Whether you make the skip bin the entire trailer or you attach a smaller one to a trailer frame, you’re sure to be able to use it for everything from your next trip to the dump to moving house or even picking up a new piece of furniture.

Trailer made using a skip bin


Some of the craziest

Here are just some of the looniest, nuttiest ideas that people have chosen to do with a re-purposed skip bin. You’d need to put in some serious money (and quite of a bit of eccentricity) to make any of these viable, but they’re at least fun to look at and daydream about, aren’t they?

1. Boats

Our first mental as anything idea is turning an old skip bin into a boat. A TV presenter in the UK came up with the idea, which is pretty crazy in and of itself. Despite the weight, they’re watertight and have plenty of room for a motor and for a person to stand to captain the ship. You probably wouldn’t be able to go very fast, but you’d certainly turn heads!

Boat made from a skip bin


2. Cars

Someone at a ‘Wheel’s Day’ event, again in the UK, turned this skip into a vehicle. It looks absolutely crazy—and probably isn’t all that great driving around corners or in small lanes—but it gets an A+ for creativity.

Car made using a skip bin


3. Coffee shop

In the Netherlands, Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten turned several re-purposed skips into unique coffee shops, as well as bars. They said the project was supposed to make people think about recycling, and the amount of waste they produce. It’s a clever use of materials, really, and it definitely gets you thinking! Would you buy coffee from one of these re-purposed skip bin coffee shops?

Coffee Shop created from a skip bin


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