The Unconventional Guide to Skip Bin Sizes

  • 31st October 2016
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Want a ‘wheelie’ simple way to understand skip bin sizes and choose the right sized bin for your job?

Skip bin sizes are usually indicated in cubic metres, which can make choosing the right skip bin overwhelming for some. It can be difficult to work out just how many cubic metres of rubbish you expect to remove from any particular job.

If you break it down into simpler and easier-to-visualise terms, you’ll have a better chance of choosing the right skip bin size for you. Enter the wheelie bin method.

The wheelie bin method

Using the wheelie bin method, you’ll have a better chance of working out the right size skip bin for your rubbish removal needs.

A normal household wheelie bin is a 240-litre bin. Approximately four well-packed 240-litre bins will fill one cubic metre. You would need eight full wheelie bins, for example, to fill a two cubic metre skip bin.

Do you know how many wheelie bins you expect to fill with your clean up of the yard? How many wheelie bins do you think you’ll fill when you’re moving house? Now that you’ve got that picture in your mind, you’re all set to choose the right skip bin for you.

Skip bin sizes

Cutters Skips have skip bins for hire in various sizes, including mini skips and rubbish skips, to suit any type of job from residential to commercial, big and small.

• 2 m skip = 8 wheelie bins of rubbish

A 2 m skip bin, known as a mini skip, is our smallest skip bin for hire. The 2 m skip bin holds the equivalent of eight wheelie bins of rubbish.

Mini skip bins start at $160, all inclusive, for 7 days.

• 3 m skip = 12 wheelie bins of rubbish

For just one extra cubic metre, a 3 m skip can hold an additional four wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish, that is, 12 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish in total.

Prices for 3 m skips start at $200, all inclusive, for 7 days.

• 4 m skip = 16 wheelie bins of rubbish

Just imagine the clean out you can do with a skip bin that can take up to 16 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish.

Prices for 4 m skip bin hire start at $240, all inclusive, for 7 days.

• 6 m skip = 24 wheelie bins of rubbish

A 6 m skip bin can hold a whopping 24 wheelie bins’ worth of rubbish.

Prices for 6 m skip bins start at $340, all inclusive, for 7 days.

Mini skip bins

The 2 m and 4 m skip bins form part of the mini skip bin range.

Mini skips are ideal for smaller clean-up jobs. Whether you’re renovating your home, tidying your yard, or doing a clean-up from a storm or flood, the mini skip is a great way to remove all waste.

Rubbish skips

The 4 m and 6 m skip bins are known as our rubbish skips. As a rough guide, rubbish skips are ideal for construction resources, green waste, old furniture, general household waste and electronic equipment. Keep in mind certain materials, including chemicals, asbestos, paint, batteries and foodstuff are not permitted in these bins.

What if I get my bin size wrong?

If you get a little carried away with your clean out or you underestimated just how many wheelie bins you needed to fill, it’s not a worry. Keeping your skip bin for longer is not a problem either. Cutters Skips can collect, empty and replace your bin as needed, and can work with you to provide a quote for longer periods. All skip bin sizes can be booked for any period of time.

Why choose a skip bin?

Skip bins are a safe and easy way for you to remove rubbish. Skip bins allow you to get on with your job rather than travelling back and forth to the dump wasting time and money. Leave the removal of your rubbish in the hands of the experts, while you concentrate on what you need to do.

If you’re worried about a skip bin being an eyesore in your front yard, you’ll be pleased to know that mini skips can fit nicely into back or side yards.

Best of all, skip bins are clean, green and environmentally friendly. Once we collect your filled bin, we take it to our sorting facilities. All materials are separated and any recyclable materials are salvaged to be reused or redistributed. Whatever can be reused will not be wasted. Meanwhile, regular landfill materials are taken to the dump.

What can I put in skip bins?

One of the great things about skip bins is that you don’t have to fill up your own wheelie bin or risk damaging it with rubbish that doesn’t belong in a wheelie bin.

Skip bins allow you to clear away cement, piping, tiles, glass and insulation. You can fill them with green waste including vegetation, dirt, leaves, branches, small tree stumps, leaves and any other greenery that you could ordinarily fit into your wheelie bin.

Commercial and construction materials are suitable for skip bins, including offcuts from paving stones, or retaining edging for gardens. You can also fill them with nails, wiring, concrete, tiles, brick, rubble or debris.

Skip bins are ideal for home renovations, home and industrial clean-ups, rubbish removals and they are even a clever way to transport building materials.

We can help you choose the right skip bin size

If you’re still overwhelmed with choice, the team at Cutters Skips can assist you to find the right skip bin size for you. And not only will we find the right bin size, but we’ll ensure it’s at the right price.

Cutters Skips are experts at catering the perfect skip bin package for clients and can help you work out exactly what type of skip bin you need. The last thing we want is for you to get caught out with too much rubbish and not enough bin. We can even do urgent same-day requests for those desperate rubbish removal situations222, which can be especially handy after unexpected storms.

Contact Cutters Skips today for an obligation free quote and advice on choosing the right skip bin sizes for you.

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