Waiting For Your Next Kerbside Collection? Why You Should Hire A Skip Instead

  • 30th November 2016
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Are you desperately waiting for your next council kerbside collection to finally clear out a whole heap of junk and unwanted items cluttering up your garage or house? Has the spring-cleaning bug bitten, but your next kerbside collection isn’t for another few months? Have you thought about hiring a skip bin instead?

Brisbane Council kerbside collections are a fantastic initiative but they aren’t always conveniently timed for when you need them most. You’re also limited in what you can put out for kerbside collection. A skip bin is often far more convenient for times such as:

  • • moving house
  • • major spring-cleaning
  • • renovations
  • • landscaping

What’s allowed in your kerbside collection

There is a strict list of what can and can’t be put out for kerbside collection. The list of items that you CAN put out includes:

  • • furniture and white goods (fridges and stoves)
  • • small household appliances (fans, heaters, toasters etc.)
  • • electronics (TVs and computers)
  • • mattresses
  • • sporting equipment and bikes
  • • children’s play equipment
  • • bath and laundry tubs
  • • rugs and carpets
  • • wood products less than 1.5 metres in length

Your kerbside collection pile also can’t be greater than two cubic metres in size, or about the size of a small box-trailer load. If your pile of waste for kerbside collection is excessive, you run the risk of it not being collected.

Then there’s the problem of your nicely stacked pile of rubbish being strewn about in an untidy mess by kerbside collection scavengers looking for treasures amongst your trash. You’re then expected to clean up the mess before your rubbish is collected!

What’s not allowed in your kerbside collection

The list of unacceptable items in a kerbside collection is quite long and restrictive, especially if you’re renovating, landscaping or just cleaning out your garage. If you do put out any of these items, they won’t be collected and you’ll then need to find an alternative way to dispose of them or risk being fined for illegal dumping. Similarly if you place your rubbish out for collection too early, you risk fines for illegal dumping.

Items that are not accepted for kerbside collection include:

  • • garden waste including grass, tree cuttings and potted plants
  • • dirt and stones
  • • bricks and concrete
  • • building waste
  • • asbestos
  • • liquids
  • • glass and mirrors
  • • gas bottles
  • • batteries
  • • hazardous materials (such as oils, pesticides, herbicides, asbestos and chemicals)
  • • general household waste (food scraps etc.)

What can you put in a skip bin?

Skip bins are far more flexible in terms of what you can and can’t put in them compared to a kerbside collection. But there are still a few things that can’t be put in skip bins. The contents of your skip bin will be sorted into recycling and landfill after being collected. Anything that is considered dangerous to the people sorting through your skip bin contents or is toxic in landfill can’t be placed in a skip bin. This includes:

  • • hazardous materials and chemicals such as poisons, pesticides, paint (unless allowed to fully dry) and oil — Brisbane and Sunshine Coast councils have regular hazardous household waste free drop-off days throughout the year when you can take any leftover hazardous materials and chemicals to be disposed of for free.
  • • asbestos
  • • animal or human waste
  • • batteries
  • • vehicle tyres

Times when you just can’t wait for a kerbside collection

There are plenty of times when it’s just not convenient to wait on your local kerbside collection for getting rid of rubbish. A skip bin solves the problem of seemingly endless trips to the rubbish tip and having to borrow a trailer or ute to transport your waste.

Hiring a skip bin is the perfect solution for:

  • • spring-cleaning
  • • renovating
  • • landscaping
  • • moving house

#1 Spring-cleaning

When the spring-cleaning bug strikes you need to act fast to clear your home of clutter and accumulated rubbish. Some of the reasons for spring-cleaning and hiring a skip bin include:

  • • nesting preparation for a new baby
  • • your kids are finally moving out
  • • preparing to put your home on the market
  • • clearing out the spare room for family to come and stay for an extended period
  • • you’re ready to embrace the Zen of a decluttered home

The convenience of having a skip bin compared to kerbside collection when doing a massive home spring-clean is that you don’t need to worry about forming your rubbish into a neat little pile by the side of the road. You can simply throw unwanted items into a laundry basket and then dump them into the skip bin whatever time of the day or night you’re decluttering.

#2 Renovations

Hiring a skip bin is the logical choice for home renovation jobs. Most of the rubbish you’ll need to dispose of while renovating your home won’t be suitable for kerbside collection and even if it was, do you really want rubbish such as bricks, wood, hunks of concrete and empty paint tins sitting in an unsightly pile in your front or backyard waiting patiently for the next kerbside collection?

Hiring a skip bin means you can throw out rubbish at your convenience and prevent it accumulating into ugly and dangerous piles about your home and yard.

#3 Landscaping

Like home renovations, if you’re landscaping your home or property, most of what you’ll need to throw out will fall into the list of unacceptable items for kerbside collection. You can waste valuable time with back and forth trips to the rubbish tip with ute or trailer loads of garden and landscaping waste, or you can maximise your time far more efficiently by throwing everything into a skip bin and simply phoning for it to be collected once it’s full.

#4 Moving house

Even if you miraculously manage to time your house move to co-ordinate with your local kerbside collection, chances are that you’ll be throwing out more than is allowed per collection. You’ll probably also discover that you have plenty of items that fall into the kerbside collection ‘not acceptable’ category too.

Packing up and moving house is stressful enough without having to sort what you’re throwing out into tidy little piles to place on the kerbside. Instead, hire a skip bin and go to town throwing out your years of accumulated clutter and rubbish straight into the skip. Hiring a skip bin also removes the worry about kerbside scavengers going through any of your old personal items that are being thrown out.

Hiring a skip bin in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking to hire a skip bin in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast then give Cutters Skips a call; a family-owned business with skip bins available seven days per week. The convenience of hiring their skips for the weekend makes it easier to complete your home based rubbish removal and clean up outside of your working week—and there’s no extra charge for weekend delivery.

Whether you’re moving house, renovating, landscaping or just in the mood for a major spring-clean, forget kerbside collection and call Cutters Skips today on 07 3348 5257 or 0417 644901.

Whether you like to book and plan ahead or it’s a totally last minute job, the friendly team at Cutters Skips will help you work out the best-sized skip bin for your needs.


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