What is a Skip Bin & What is a Mini Skip? The Unbelievable Truth Uncovered

  • 2nd February 2017
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Bitten off more than you can chew while cleaning out the garden or decluttering the house? Trying to work out the best way to get rid of all the unwanted junk you’ve accumulated? You’ve heard whispers of these wondrous waste removal things called skip bins, but you’re not really sure what a skip bin is and what is a mini skip.

You’re new to the skip bin game, and that’s okay. It’s only a matter of time before you join the many Australians before you in the environmentally-friendly and stress-free way of removing unwanted rubbish and waste.

You’ll be quick to learn that mini skips are widely used for domestic and commercial waste removal, including home renovations and garden clean ups. Instead of searching online for what is a mini skip bin, you should be thinking about what a skip bin can do for you!

Six degrees of mini skips

Move over Kevin Bacon, there’s a new six degrees of separation in town – the six degrees of mini skips!

Mini skips are so widely used these days, we’d hazard a guess you are just six introductions away from someone else in the world who has used a mini skip.

Think about it. Maybe your Aunt works with a guy, whose best friend helped his mum clean out her spare room filled with newspapers she’d been collecting since 1973.

You – – – > Your aunt – – – > Co-worker – – – > Best friend – – – > Best friend’s mum – – – > Goodbye unwanted junk.

Or perhaps your neighbour’s wife went to school with a guy whose dad used a mini skip when he went a little overboard giving the yard a backyard blitz.

You – – – > Your neighbour – – – > Neighbour’s wife – – – > School friend – – – > Dad – – – > Backyard blitz

We wouldn’t be surprised if your connection to a skip bin user is closer than you think. Didn’t your father-in-law use a mini skip when he cleared out the garden last year? What about old mate Jimmy down the road, who had one on his front lawn when he was renovating the kitchen? You might just know more people than you realise, who have used a skip bin or mini skip.

What can you put in a mini skip?

So, what are all these people using mini skips for and what are they putting in their mini skip bins? You can fill mini skips with green waste including vegetation, dirt, leaves, branches, small tree stumps, leaves and any other greenery, that you could ordinarily fit into your wheelie bin. You can also use skip bins for commercial and construction materials, including cut offs from paving stones, or garden edging. Nails, wiring, concrete, tiles, brick, rubble and debris have the green light, but we draw the line at wet paint, hazardous waste, food scraps, all oils, contaminated soil, toxic and flammable material, batteries and asbestos.

Creative uses for mini skip bins

When you think about it, just about everyone you know could find a use for a mini skip bin.

What is a mini skip for parents?

Are you guilty of hoarding every single piece of scribble art your little cherub has lovingly created? Whether or not you can’t bear to part with their artwork, or you live in fear your child will see you throwing out their precious drawings, it’s time to face the truth. Your cupboards are overflowing with scrap pieces of paper. Can you imagine how much of your child’s artwork you could fit in a mini skip? #justsaying

What is a mini skip for a scorned lover?

Partner done the dirty on you? Give new meaning to ‘kick him to the kerb’ and throw all of his clothes, belongings, and his collection of girly mags too, into a mini skip.

What is a mini skip for mums?

If you’re having trouble climbing Mt Washmore and are sick of no-one else in the house pitching in to help, throwing your families’ clothes into a mini skip is sure to take ‘mum’s on strike’ to a new level. While you’re at it, throw in those odd socks that never seem to have a partner.

What is mini skip bin for teens and tweens?

Imagine how many Justin Bieber posters, fan mail, CDs, hoodies, caps, key chains and goodness knows what else you can fit in a mini skip! Better yet, a mini skip could be the ultimate threat to get your teen to tidy their room.

What is a mini skip bin for beer lovers?

Forget the keg, throw a party of epic proportions with a mini skip full of beer. Okay, we’ve gone a little far with this one. A skip bin full of beer, as tempting as it is, is a definite no-no.

It really is amazing how creative people can be with skip bins, check out these skip bins used in astonishing ways.

Why choose a skip bin?

Seriously now, when it comes to the safe and easy removal of rubbish, you can’t beat skip bins. The last thing you want to do when you’re in the middle of a big clean up or renovation is travel back and forth from the dump. Hiring a skip bin will not only save you money, but time. Skip bins allow you to leave rubbish removal in the hands of the experts, so you can focus on your job at hand.

How much can I fit in a mini skip bin?

The mini skip bin range includes 2m and 4m skip bins ideal for smaller clean up jobs. They are the perfect size for rubbish from home renovations, garden clean ups, or storm and flood clean ups. Check out our guide to skip bin sizes to help you find the right one for you.

The right skip bin for you

Experts in skip bin solutions, family-owned and operated Cutters Skips can help find the perfect skip bin package for you. Cutters Skips services all of Brisbane and neighbouring areas, is prompt and flexible, and can even do same-day requests for last minute rubbish removal situations.

Next time you ask yourself what is a mini skip and what can it do for you, contact Cutters Skips for an obligation free quote and expert advice on skip bin solutions.

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